Modelling the Kerr-Stuart Brazil Class 0-4-2ST locomotive in 16mm scale. - Keith Bucklitch

Firebox and Backhead.



The firebox is made from some thin material, 22 - 26 gauge. The length should be sufficient to come within 4 mm of the bottom of the burner tubes. Measure up the wings of the firebox and cut the material to suit, remembering the arc to fit up against the boiler. After folding, fix in place with 10 BA screws. Any gaps where the firebox fits the boiler can be sealed with some fire cement or mastic. The cosmetic backhead is made from 20-22 gauge brass. Make a former to the desired shape and mark out the position of the bushes. Form the material around this until it fits snugly on the boiler. The hole for the firehole door is cut out, and a piece of similar material used for a door. You can fit this with a hinge if you wish, or simply pivot it on a rivet, with another rivet to form a catch. These should be silver soldered in place. This backhead can get pretty hot, and soft solder would melt. When fitting the boiler to the chassis, I found I had to file clearance on the footplate to fit the firebox in place. There should be about 0.5 mm clearance to allow for expansion. Also, it reduces heat transfer from the firebox to the frames if the footplate/firebox are not in direct contact. I also found it easier to install the boiler if the footplate was not screwed down initially. Once the boiler and smokebox is in position, the locomotive really begins to take shape.


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